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Title: StoneValley Library
Post by: cosh on December 27, 2020, 02:08:33 pm
Hi, there. I want to introduce a library for you. I carefully write and test this library: ( in plain C. I collect various data structures and algorithms in this library. For the reason that I wanted a substitution of STL in C++ and I could barely use STL in plain C, I created and opened source for StoneValley. Now you guys could all use StoneValley whenever you want to use common data structures and algorithms in your own C programs. I tried my best to upgrade the quality of this library, I optimized it through sentences to sentences. I hope you enjoy this library. Should you have any questions of this library, welcome to post here and let's chat!
Title: Re: StoneValley Library
Post by: John Z on December 27, 2020, 03:10:47 pm
Hi Cosh,

Welcome to the Forum!

Checked out your SourceForge page. If you don't mind a suggestion:
IMO you need to put more details on the Summary page about what you are accomplishing, and what it could do for an end user of your work.  Beef up the features list to provoke interest.

Under the Files tab you might want to 'download' a copy of your readme that you are showing under the Code tab.
Also there are no files for download here, I would suggest creating a ZIP of all of the source files and placing it here to make it easy to download as a package.  You placed a lot of files under code but a user will have to click each to download or if allowed, perform a SVN or GIT checkout.  Much easier to download one zip file from the Summary page button.  There does not seem to be any special compile/link instructions which could be ok of course but might be good to document that.
Did you use PellesC ?

STL is a bit out of my league but I might learn something.  :)

I do have projects hosted on SourceForge so that is where my opinions originate.

John Z

 :-[ Update: Oh my bad - I see you moved from SourceForge to GitHub!  Sorry  :-[
Title: Re: StoneValley Library
Post by: cosh on December 27, 2020, 04:36:52 pm
Hi John Z,
Thank you for your reply.
Since I lost my Sourceforge account, I've moved StoneValley project to Github and you could download the project via Github of a zip file by simply clicking the download zip button.
I've written some information about how to compile this library in Readme file. Also, there is a complete and concise instruction in Readme file to guide users how to use the library. Exhaustive comments have been placed before every functions in StoneValley.
By the way, I am a starter to PellesC and I am adapting myself to Pelles C IDE. I tested to compile StoneValley under many platforms such as Renesas Cubesuit, Keil, tcc, gcc, clang under OSX and Linux and Visual C on Windows x86 x64. Thanks to god that because I coded adhere to the ISO C standard, these compilation performs well. I hope StoneValley can also do a good job on PellesC.
Again, thanks for your suggestions. It's a pity that I moved StoneValley from SourceForge to Github. The old project on SourceForge became obsolete.
I wish that you could give me some advices about StoneValley during exploiting it.

Title: Re: StoneValley Library
Post by: frankie on December 27, 2020, 05:46:00 pm
Welcome on the forum!  :)
Nice job.  :D
Title: Re: StoneValley Library
Post by: TimoVJL on December 27, 2020, 06:06:02 pm
Thanks for giving us an interesting code.
Title: Re: StoneValley Library
Post by: John Z on December 28, 2020, 11:32:03 am
Hi Cosh,

Well I think you've made a good choice posting in this forum.  There are many knowledgeable people here with diverse interests.  Some have done similar creations as your StoneValley Library for other C++ features making them available in C.

I also think for a project that is written for programmers to use programming, GitHub is better than SourceForge. 
I'm not on GitHub but when I look at it, it does not have the visual appeal, and informative view of a project that  SourceForge does.

Maybe I've just not run across the right one ?

John Z