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Re: vCardz_i an address book/contact list program
« Reply #15 on: July 10, 2022, 01:49:36 PM »
Well I finally got everything fixed that broke when implementing the manifest for version 6.0.0 controls.
It was a surprise, but shouldn't have been I guess, that an upgrade to newer control version impacted (adversely)
the original program capabilities.  Thanks Micro$oft.

Anyway version is released on SourceForge for those interested in vcf, xml, or json contact cards.
All Pelles C version 11, except the inclusion of XLSXio DLL for exporting to XLSX files.  I could have written this too
as I did for ODF format ODS spreadsheet but decided to give it a try.  It works well for simple output, see attachment
Found at  but is also on Github at

If you find a similar vcard program that does more than mine let me know how much they charge you... :)   (15K+ downloads, 155 countries)

One tip - always use the resource file to include the manifest.

John Z
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