Author Topic: Why isn't feature XXX implemented?  (Read 12497 times)

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Why isn't feature XXX implemented?
« on: September 13, 2004, 10:50:12 PM »
I originally implemented only the things I needed myself. Ask politely, and if it looks to be of general interest, I will probably add it.


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Re: Why isn't feature "overloaded functions" implemented?
« Reply #1 on: September 24, 2009, 06:04:46 PM »
This IDE has made me rediscover the beauty and simplicity of C !
I used to write C++ and Pascal (Delphi) programs and this IDE came as very pleasant surprise for me, as I am making my first steps in x64 programming and I don't like bloated Visual C++ 2005, 2008 etc. (I used VC++ 6 with Microsoft's x64 free SDK).
Still, C++ classes are not so fit for Windows programming, because they lack the woderful "message-response methods" feature of Delphi classes or the "dynamic methods" of Pascal objects (basically, virtual methods that are identified dispatched not by their name, but by a numerical index assigne by the programmer). So, to make a C++ "CWindow" class respond to the numeric messages of Windows is a really awkward thing (of course, there is Borland's OWL, Microsoft's MFC which spare you of thinking about this, but I don't like learning "programming with OWL or MFC, that's why I created my own GUI toolkit) and I don't understand why C++, which is a newer and very well-designed language, does not have this feature and Pascal has it.
Still, C++ has many useful features which could be incorporated in Pelles C. For example, overloaded functions. Of course, this means name mangling and a lot of overhead...
...And, well, if you ever decide to step to "Pelles C++"... maybe you will consider implementing these numerically-identified virtual functions I've been telling you about.

Maybe all that I tell you here sounds stupid or unnecessary. If this is the case, please consider that I'm a prophane in programming (my profession is orthopaedic surgery, programming is just a hobby)

                                                                                                       Congratulations for the wonderful idea and fine realization!