Author Topic: PellesC V12RC1 function __unreachable() defined as intrinsic and in intrin.h  (Read 72 times)

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The intrinsic function
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_INTRIN_X86_X64_(void __unreachable(void)) is still defined in the header intrin.h while it has been coded as  intrinsic since PelleC-V11.
A compilation including the header generate the following error:
PellesC\Include\intrin.h(218): error #2119: Redeclaration of '__unreachable', previously declared at <no source>.

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Right. For some reason I can't reproduce the error right now, but __unreachable() changed from being an intrinsic and shouldn't be in <intrin.h> (it's now internally a "generic function", and don't need a header at all).