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Version 4.50 Beta 3 available
« on: June 29, 2006, 06:51:15 pm »
Available here:

Changes from Beta 2 to Beta 3:

* Added new C compiler pragmas: check_stack( [{on|off}] ) and ftol( [inlined] ).
* The C compiler now maps the wchar_t typedef to an internal type, in an attempt to preserve this special type (for CodeView debugging info and error/warning messages).
* The C compiler option /Zl (omit default library name) will not cause a reference to the '__fltused' symbol (Microsoft mode).
* The call tip window will now use the selected text colors when painting the current argument (really ugly, but should work with *any* color combination).
* Added better support for register-pairs in C compiler debugging info and debugger (mainly for ARM targets).
* the IDE will now stop reading a text file if/when it sees a Ctrl+Z (EOF) character. Not so common anymore, but anyway...
* bugfix: (POCC and POASM) some floating-point constants were converted to the wrong value. (mainly ARM targets).
* bugfix: members of local structures and arrays wasn't always displayed correctly in the debugger (any target).
* bugfix: an executable with a mix of C and assembly modules made the debugger select the wrong language sometimes.
* bugfix: array length wasn't recorded properly in IA32 debugging info from POASM.
* bugfix: pointer (PTR) to a complex type, like a struct, didn't work in IA32 debugging info from POASM.
* bugfix: local symbols didn't always show up in the debugger for IA32 modules from POASM.
* bugfix: (POCC) _alloca() made the C compiler emit an external reference, causing a linker error for ARM targets (_alloca() is always inlined).
* bugfix: (POCC) right-shift of unsigned long long's didn't work for high 32 bits (ARM targets).
* bugfix: deleting complex items from the IDE watch panel was buggy.
* bugfix: added setting for 'view matching braces' to IDE Customize, Keyboard.
* bugfix: editing a manifest resource could leave up to three garbage characters at the end (silly DWORD alignment by the IDE).
* bugfix: the last entry in an accelerator table resource will now be correctly flagged as such by the IDE (when saved as RES file).
* bugfix: (POCC) added automatic dumping of literal pools, for "big" blocks of straight-line code (ARM targets).
* bugfix: (POCC) bitwise AND (&), OR (|), XOR (^) immediate values were sometimes "uncodable" (ARM targets).
* bugfix: the IDE should now handle the case of filenames with embedded ( and ) on the build and output tabs (on double-click).
* bugfix: the IDE didn't increment the identifier number when inserting a new accelerator.