Author Topic: Version 4.50 Beta 5 available  (Read 3222 times)

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Version 4.50 Beta 5 available
« on: August 23, 2006, 01:44:06 pm »
Version 4.50 Beta #5 available:

Changes from Beta 4 to Beta 5:

* The installers, setup.exe and setupsdk.exe, are now digitally signed.
* bugfix: (POCC) post-increment of char and short variables, as function arguments, didn't work.
* bugfix: (POASM) character code 0xFF was confused with EOF during input.
* bugfix: (POIDE) Undo in Image editor, after Grayscale/Sepia/..., didn't restore palette colors correctly.
* bugfix: (POIDE) saving a file with an undo queue, and then undoing everything, will not set state back to 'not dirty' (stupid thing to do in the first place, but anyway).
* bugfix: (POIDE) closing a resource script window will now (again) close all associated resource editors.
* Bugfix: Small fixes in shellapi.h and lmaccess.h.