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Pbs compiling LibMikMod
« on: March 02, 2008, 01:47:16 am »
Hi all !
First, i hope that put this message in the right section ( sorry if i didn't ^^ ).

First, I'd like to thank pelles for his wonderful work, hacking together a nice piece of software.
I've a fellow LCC-win32 user for some now, but the recent release have been quite broken, which decided me
to turn myself to your alternative, and i must say that i'm not disapointed so far. :)

Ok, so what brings me here is that i have trouble compiling LibMikMod ( ).

No error codes, no alien or exotic code after reviewing the source, POCC just stalls on 1 .c file ( virtch.c )and seems to be caught in a forever loop, eating more and more resources.  ???

While i'm not asking you to have a look at the lib, does anyone know these symptoms ? and what might be the cause ?
And by chance, has anyone managed to compile the lib already ?

Thx a bunch!