Author Topic: Where can i find simple examples of source code for Pocket PC's / Smartphones?  (Read 3912 times)


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Hello everyone.
I'm a beginner in Windows Mobile development, though i have some (amateur) experience in programming for PC.
It would be really helpful to see simple examples of source code of working programs that can be compiled using Pelles C. I think that many beginners will agree with me here: anything will be of help, even an application that displays a text input and a button which when you click it says "You entered the words << Your Mom >>".
Can i find such examples somewhere? Or, can anyone post the source codes for simple and very simple programs?
Big thanks in advance!!

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Look at Pelles Homepage. Under the capter source code you will also find examples for Pocker PC.  ;)
best regards
 Alex ;)


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Ooops :)
Thanks a lot!