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WinCE and TabControl
« on: July 15, 2009, 02:39:05 pm »
TabControl and WinCE (Mobile)

Firm MS has many mysterious things and one of them TabControl.
I long searched samples of a code accessible to understanding for work with this element of management.
Has found only two. Both work in OS WindowsDesktop, but at carry of a code in OS WinCE...:
1. Function CreateFont () for Controls in Tabs in WinCE is absent, and replacement on CreateFontIndirect () does not work;
2. Frame-control and itself TabControl mask (do invisible) all the elements placed in Tabs;

 I have found an output such (certainly temporary):
1. To refuse element Frame;
2. Element TabControl to do minimal on height (that bookmarks only were drawn).

I spread an example of a window with TabControl for OS WinCE.
This example repeats an example for WinDesktop (which is in section Add-Ins PellesC):

Look Attachment.

With pleasure and gratitude I shall listen to constructive criticism and variants of improvement of the program.

Sergey Klimkin.