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Resizable and persistent open* windows
« on: October 14, 2011, 08:03:34 am »
Hello! I would like to request the feature of resizable windows for project include and lib folders search. It is a terrifying experience - to browse through multiple levels of folders in such a small tiny bit window. Especially when there is a need to include several external folders and the window starts from the projet folder each time. Looks like an easy thing to implement... especially that it is already done with the open file window.

Actually, it would be a great idea to make resizable all windows, since when I add include folders which have a very long path, I cannot see it's end because it goes beyond the window border, therefore it is impossible to tell what these folders are.
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Re: Resizable and persistent open* windows
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You mean like the attached?

If you sweep your mouse slowly across the main window you will find a number of spots where you can grab a divider between the windows and drag them anywhere you like...