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« on: August 10, 2011, 03:56:36 AM »
thought i would add regex to project.  compile errors.
searched for regex issues in pocket pc/smartphone.  no hits, so posting this:

compile errors:
main.c(4704): error #2048: Undeclared identifier '_regex_t'.
main.c(4704): error #2001: Syntax error: expected ';' but found 're'.
main.c(4704): error #2048: Undeclared identifier 're'.
main.c(4706): warning #2027: Missing prototype for '_regcomp'.
main.c(4706): error #2048: Undeclared identifier '_REG_EXTENDED'.
main.c(4706): error #2048: Undeclared identifier '_REG_NOSUB'.
main.c(4709): warning #2027: Missing prototype for '_regexec'.
main.c(4710): warning #2027: Missing prototype for '_regfree'.

note 1:
#include <regex.h> line appears in usual spot in source with other header includes and regex.h exists and location is in compiler -I path.  i tried moving the include up and down in case there was a dependency issue.

note 2:
i didn't see anything in pelles c help that indicated special issues with regex.
there are a couple __POCC__ and __POCC__TARGET__ references in regex.h, which - i'm guessing - are what are causing compiler not to see any of the declarations in the header, but i've never had to touch pelles' headers in the past.

running version 6.5  rc 1
RSRC0009.DLL: Version 6.50.0
SUPPORT.DLL: Version 6.50.0
CFORMAT.DLL: Version 6.50.0
PORC.DLL: Version 6.50.0
POBR.DLL: Version 6.50.0
SQLITE3.DLL: Version 3.6.12
POCC.EXE: Version 6.50.0
POASM.EXE: Version 6.50.0

assuming this include problem is resolved, i'm thinking the next problem might be the .lib.  what is it called?  i'm not seeing a regex.lib or similar.  thanks.


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Re: regex
« Reply #1 on: August 10, 2011, 07:37:48 AM »
No regex for WinCE

There is #ifndef _WINCE ... #endif /* _WINCE */ in regex.h.
Those functions doesn't exists in crtce.lib.
May the source be with you