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Re: PNotes - created with PellesC
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New PNotes version - 4.0 - is available at:
    *  Added search/replace capabilities (for all notes or for individual note).
    * Added docking to any side of screen (each note can be docked/undocked individually or all notes can be docked/undocked).
    * Added ability to randomize color of newly created skinless notes.
    * Added checking for new program version (automatically or manually).
    * Setting newly created note "on-top" is now optional.
    * Added options to hide/show toolbar on notes.
    * Formatting commands (like at note's toolbar) added to note popup menu under "Format" submenu.
    * Days interval added to "pester" schedule type.
    * Autosave will works only for changed notes.
    * Added relational notes positioning.
    * Added ability to add any info to skin (up to 255 characters) and displaying this info at skin preview window.
    * Common note's font sample is now drawn at skin preview window.
    * Added support for vertical skin's toolbars.
    * Bug fixed - tooltips were hidden for "on-top" notes.
    * Bug fixed - status bar of Control Panel was not renewed on delete/new.
    * Bug fixed - improper rolled notes resizing.
    * Bug fixed - on some machines menus display squares instead of TAB characters.
    * Bug fixed - command line switches -x, -xs didn't work.
    * Bug fixed - redrawing problem during fast user switching on XP machines.