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Underline Please
« on: February 28, 2013, 05:45:32 pm »
A very very good feature of Pelles C is that if I place the cursor before or after any bracket, it displays a dotted line matching the corresponding bracket. This is a very good feature and it reduces a lot of errors arising due to mismatch of braces.
Suppose I have a printf function with a lot of %d, %f, %c .... etc. In order to write the corresponding variables, I have to observe very carefully and there is a high chance of error. My request is to display a dotted line connecting the corresponding variable and it's format specifier. And this is not only for printf , but also for scanf and other similar functions.

I think this will be of great help , particularly when the program is big and there are a lot of variables. So, dear developers, please include this feature from future versions of Pelles C.