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Version 8.00 Release Candidate 3 is now available


Pelles C version 8.00 Release Candidate 3 is now available for download:

Major changes:

RC3 changes:

* Fixed problem with __crt_abort() not being exported from C runtime DLL's.
* Fixed missing functions in OpenMP stub libraries.
* Fixed crash when using OpenMP runtime schedule.
* Fixed problem in IDE with erasing in MDI Tab Control using Windows classic theme.
* Fixed problem in compiler with reference-counting of elements in "tiny" struct optimizer pass.
* Fixed problem in compiler with equated labels in tail-recursion optimization pass.
* Fixed problem in compiler with const-qualified predetermined data-sharing symbols in OpenMP.
* Fixed problem in IDE with add-in menu commands for the debugger.
* Added support in IDE for add-in menu commands for Differences and File->New.
* Added status message to IDE when building browse information for functions (so people with a huge source file to have something to look at)
* Replaced backtracking updates with cached data, in the Browse information manager, for ~4% speed improvement (which is better than 0%, I guess).
* Changed () to (void) in callback for OpenGL gluQuadricCallback(), gluTessCallback(), gluNurbsCallback().
* The compiler will now only display calling convention for a function type in Microsoft mode.
* And so on...

Thank you for the new upload and for the new commands in PoLink and POMAKE.
These are interesting to me.


Just installed 64-Bit-Version, rebuilt some 32-bit-Console-Apps.

Some results:
1) Warnings
The (new?) warnings (level 2) are very helpful in my opinion.

--- Code: ---O:\Sources\FileSrch\FILESRCH.C(809): warning #2250: Declaration of 'dir' is shadowing previous declaration at O:\Sources\FileSrch\FILESRCH.C(778).

--- End code ---

2) Antivirus-Software
F-Secure Client Security 11 does _not_ complain about suspicious code (as mentioned before for single threaded applications sometime in 2013 I think)

3) External Files (IDE)
I was not able to delete an external C-Source-File, for which no dependency is in the project. Some menu-items (including Delelte) are not available (cmp. external.JPG).

4) ctype.h
The Macro _WHITE clashes with a declaration for a color in graph.h (Old header-file from older DOS MS-C and OpenWatcom C). I created a very simple graph.lib for own purposes but used the original header). Perhaps it is possible to use 2 leading underscores for these macros in this headerfile __WHITE  ? (but not very important).


it has been a while... thanks for keeping this alive... :)


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