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Version 8.00 Release Candidate 5 is now available

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Pelles C version 8.00 Release Candidate 5 is now available for download:

Major changes:

RC5 changes:

* 64-bit IDE only: fixed synchronization in project options between compiler machine type, assembler machine type, linker machine type, LIB (and INCLUDE) path, and project type. Removed "Upgrade project to Win64" since changing the machine type will now have the same effect.
* Fixed compiler problem with atomic assignments (X86, X64).
* Fixed compiler problem with integer demotion in conditions.
* Fixed compiler problem with missing volatile check in 'scalar replacement of aggregates' optimization.
* Fixed compiler problem with C11 anonymous struct/union.
* Fixed compiler problem with SIMD intrinsics _mm256_castps128_ps256(), _mm256_castpd128_pd256(), and _mm256_castsi128_si256().
* Fixed compiler problem with propagation of internal const/volatile annotation for nested struct/union.
* Fixed compiler problem with initializer for an entire struct.
* Fixed problem with _fseeko() and _ftello() not being exported from pocrt.dll and pocrt64.dll.
* Fixed and improved IDE syntax color highlighting of __asm blocks.
* Updated Greek translation, thanks to Harry Karayannis.
* Improved address-taken analysis for SIMD objects.
* Revised internal interfaces to help the register-starved X86 target with register allocation for byte-sized registers.
* Added support for atomic ^= on _Bool type (for "toggle flag" operations).
* Added documentation for internal symbol __POCC_STDC_VERSION__.
* Added conditional definition of symbol __POCC__EXTENSIONS when option /Zx is used.
* Added prototypes for GdiAlphaBlend(), GdiTransparentBlt(), GdiGradientFill() in wingdi.h.
* Added runtime functions _fseek64() and _ftell64().
* Added sapi.lib to the distribution.

Thanks Pelle for this new effort!  ;)

Great job, thanks Pelle.


Thank you!

Thank's Pelle for your efforts!


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