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Version 8.00 Release Candidate 6 is now available


Pelles C version 8.00 Release Candidate 6 is now available for download:

Major changes:

RC6 changes:

* Fixed compiler problem with qualifiers on pointed-to type in pointer addition and subtraction.
* Fixed compiler problem with invalid common sub-expression expansion during aggregate address transformations.
* Fixed compiler problem with unwanted warning on sizeof for a variable-length array (cosmetic).
* Fixed compiler problem with unwanted warning from alias analyzer about varible-length array (cosmetic).
* Fixed compiler error for unimplemented 'always intrinsic' function missing in release build.
* Fixed compiler problem with underscore not being accepted as part of a pp-number (apparently a very old bug from the original LCC preprocessor).
* Fixed binary file dumper problem with misplaced/unwanted line-feed.
* Fixed problem in formatted wide character output functions with a buffer limit in bytes (=128), not wide characters (=64), leading to a local buffer overrun (and crash).
* Fixed problem with <sys\time.h> not being part of the setup.
This is the final release candidate. Basically, any bugs reported from now on will go into some future version...


Thank you Pelle.


Great!  :)

Thank you!  :)

Will there be an RC 7?


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