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Version 8.00 Release Candidate 7 is now available

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Pelles C version 8.00 Release Candidate 7 is now available for download:

Major changes:

RC7 changes:

* Fixed compiler problem with too optimistic copy propagation of (local) common sub-expression.
* Fixed compiler problem with signedness cast in a condition during integer demotion.
* Fixed compiler alias problem in global common subexpression elimination.
* Fixed compiler analysis of induction variable usage by skipping uses outside the current body.
* Fixed compiler problem with the transformation of a small block copy into simple assignments, for code like <i>u = *(u.ptr)</i>.
* Fixed compiler problem with address taken of compound literal with constness ('assigned' to a void pointer).
* Fixed compiler problem with detection of special va_list type; Added new warning about suspected misuse of va_list type.
* Fixed compiler problem with missing register targeting for float-to-integer conversion in non-Microsoft mode, X86 target machine.
* Fixed compiler problem with missing scope check in detection of constant compound literals.
* Fixed compiler problem with variable-length array at function scope combined with unreachable code at the end of the function.
* Fixed IDE problem with screen repainting after saving a file using a different known extension, triggering a switch to a different language parser.
* Fixed IDE problem with code pages and string conversion in the built-in help viewer.
* Fixed IDE problem with source editor listbox always ending up on the first monitor in a dual-monitor setup.
* Fixed problem with UTF-16 character truncation in the XML-parser used for IDE settings.
* Fixed IDE C code formatter DLL problem with HEAP corruption (under not so common conditions).
* Fixed uninstaller problem removing some files (pomp.lib for 32-bit setup, pomp.lib, pomp64.lib, porc.exe for 64-bit setup).
* Fixed linker problem with exports forwarded to a different DLL.
* Fixed typo in ntsecapi.h and added lsalookup.h to distribution.
* Fixed problem in netioapi.h, ntddndis.h, tcpestats.h, windot11.h, ws2ipdef.h when requesting Windows Vista+ definitions.
* Added identification of struct padding in the 'scalar replacement of aggregate' optimization, which will enable the optimization in a few more cases.
* Added extensive changes to handling of 'tiny' structs (1/2/4/8 bytes, that fits into a register).
* Fixed problem in winnt.h with warning about unused return value for RtlMoveMemory(), RtlCopyMemory(), RtlFillMemory(), and RtlZeroMemory() Windows API function.
* Added detection of some common byte-swapping idioms in the optimizer (mainly 32-bit swaps).
* Added saving of dirty files in the entire workspace for Build and Rebuild Workspace, not just the current project.
* Only because '\a' is mentioned in the help file, since it doesn't seem to matter on Windows versions that are supported by Pelles C, the escape sequence '\a' will be encoded as '\b' for any resource by the resource compiler (meny, string table, etc.). Also, the IDE will do the same encoding but otherwise ignore this useless feature.
* Added POASM type SQWORD (and sqword).

Great! Thanks Pelle.

Thanks Pelle!

Going by the list of things fixed, you seemed to have been busy "behind closed doors"... ;)


Thanks Pelle,

Looking forward to trying this new version out.

Thank you Pelle.



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