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Version 8.00 Release Candidate 8 is now available

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Pelles C version 8.00 Release Candidate 8 is now available for download:

Major changes:

RC8 changes:

* Fixed IDE problem with dangling vtable-pointer in save ZIP-file dialog on Windows Vista+.
* Fixed compiler problem with new handling of 'tiny' structs and extraction of a floating-point fields (X64).
* Fixed compiler problem with struct padding in optimizer SRA pass.
* Removed compiler early CSE code; Unoptimized code will be more bloated (which I don't care about), and the optimizer is already doing similar work. Floating-point code for X86 will generally be better by related changes.
* Fixed problem with timeval struct and -Go compiler option for <sys/time.h>, <winsock.h> and <winsock2.h>.
* Added Windows elscore.h, elssrvc.h, and elscore.lib to the distribution.

Pelle thank you very much.  :)
Let me add that, while it is clear that you like very much the 'external files' that cannot be excluded or removed (if you add one of them by error you have to recreate the project from scratch), I see that you have added checks on location of files for 'manual hacking' of ppj files  ;D
Honestly I appreciate all the work made for checkings, but please consider that when building large projects the IDE constraints are a kind of .... limitation?  ;)
BTW after so many years you're always a number one with this great compiler!

Thanks Pelle!

Haven't had time to test it yet, but I can confirm that the "ZIP project files" now works fine for me.... (Windows 8.1/64)...


Thanks Pelle, great work! :)

Thanks Pelle.



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