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Version 8.00 is now released

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All known bugs are fixed - time to release.

Pelles C version 8.00 is now available for download:

Major changes:

Changes from Release Candidate 8:

* Replaced generic/portable version of runtime function timespec_get() with a Windows-specific version.
* Fixed problem with timespec_get() not being available in non-multithreaded versions of the runtime libraries (timespec_get() was introduced with the C11 threading functions).
* Fixed IDE problem with too aggressive filtering of some trace messages in the debugger.
* Fixed IDE problem with debugging of 32-bit console mode programs in the 64-bit version of the IDE on Windows 8 (problem caused by conhost.exe).

Stefan Pendl:
Thank you Pelle 8)

Thanks Pelle, great Thing!  :)

Great! Thanks  :)

Thanks as well!
Now I just need to find some time to actually play with it again...  :-\



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