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FileImg software
« on: March 20, 2020, 02:31:48 pm »
Back in about 1999 Microsoft released a tool called FileImg along with the source code as an unsupported tool.
It is basically a directory listing tool which takes a snapshot of the files in a directory and creates an 'image'
file which can be saved, reloaded and searched.  Various file attributes are also included. In addition the tool
can compare two 'image' files and show the difference between them. I've always found this tool very useful for
many different purposes. For example when I burn a CD or data DVD I include the program and the 'image' file which
lists every file and path on the disk. Much faster to view/search the image file than to click through each of
the directories looking for a file on the disk.

It is also very useful for detecting system file changes, or source code updates.

However as things have progressed the original tool is not as useful because of the lack of Unicode filename support.
So....I have made the modifications needed to move the tool into the Unicode capable world. The 'image' file and the
'difference' files now support Unicode.  In addition you can select to export either file to UTF-8 Text files.

So to be perfectly clear - I did not write the original software, just added some minor modifications to make Unicode
work.  I'm attaching the original Microsoft release, and my version with sources. Since Microsoft released this WITH
source code as an unsupported utility I believe I'm on safe ground putting this newer version called FileImgU.exe
out there.

Inputs are welcome.