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'Internet of Things' section in the forums...
« on: April 12, 2016, 05:19:46 am »
In partial response to a separate post (, I would like to know everyone's thoughts on creating a section in the forum specifically for the programming 'The Internet of Things' using Pelles C.  This is our future, and it is coming rapidly.  In the near future (at least in the U.S.A.), every major appliance, home automation and security system, business automation system, entertainment system, etc, will be linked to the internet for remote administration.  While the front-end software people use on their phones and tablets to interact with and control all this automation will likely be written in Java, Java Script, Python, etc., the programmable controllers themselves on the back-end for all these "toys" will be embedded written mostly in C, Assembly, and Pascal.  In other words, these 3 languages are about to see a HUGE boom in the near future which will make their current resurgence seem lacking.  I'm hopeful that Pelle is wanting to get his little gem here in on the forefront of it all.  I think part of doing that is to get the discussion going here with its own section.  The younger kids are going to have to turn to a programming system to customize their new toys.  We should do our part to steer them toward doing it using Pelles C.

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Re: 'Internet of Things' section in the forums...
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Re: 'Internet of Things' section in the forums...
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Yes, but C and assembly are getting more and more used for OS.
Internet of things is based on standard OS's. Embedded Linux is the prince of 99% of applications (Android is Linux).
On the other hand Pelle wrote his compiler to target only MS PC's, no support for any other platform or embedded system. But you can use it to program applications that talks with things from PC side.