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Another updated port to C of GDI+

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The use of GDI+ is mainly limited because of the lacking of header to use the so called flat API's.
Searching around some hackings can be found, but they are old and in some cases limited.
I made a fast workout of last SDK and this is the result.
I'll look forward for comments and suggestions to make it a final release.

P.S. The test program of course is based on the historic GdiPlus demo.

EDIT: Removed some bugs and added 64bits version (see note in newer post).
EDIT: I forgot to put inside the fGdiPlus.h  >:(. Updated
EDIT: Updated version

Nice job with the header 'fGdiPlusFlat.h'


Thanks John  :)
I have updated the project, I've found problems compiling for 64bits:

* Allocations made with malloc were erroneously deallocated with GdipFree and crashed under 64bits. Corrected using GdipAlloc for allocation.
* GUID's for Imaging are'nt defined in GdiPlus.Dll under 64bits. Added symbol to force instantiation.If somebody can check for other problems I'll be glad.
If there are no more problems I'll publish under contributions.

Yes you're right about malloc, well done.


Can you post a link to fGdiPlusFlat.h?

http://forum.pellesc.de/index.php?topic=4165.msg21438#msg21438 is not the right one.


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