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Best Microsoft graphics API for use with Pelle's C
« on: August 13, 2016, 04:45:35 am »
I am using Pelle's C lately for making small experiments. Before I was using Visual C++ for compiling my programs, but I was without luck, and I always was needing to reinstall everything because of problems with Visual Studio or Windows, and as everybody know, they are very big programs to install. That was happening so many times that I decided to change the IDE/compiler I was using to Pelle's C, which is smaller and very quick to install.

Now I have to choose which graphics API works best with Pelle's C. For my personal projects I think it is best to choose a Microsoft API, but the choice is not easy. There are GDI, DirectDraw, Direct3D 7/9/11/12, GDI+ only to cite some. I want to work with 2D graphics only for now.  For 2D graphics I want an accelerated API, I was thinking in Direct3D 9 or 11 or even 12. But I have never used any of them with Pelle's C and I am not good with 3D graphics. I have seen only a few examples using them, but I think at overral this is something I could do well, even with some difficulty, but it's OK.  For working with 2D graphics on them my plan is to use a textured quad to render a bitmap to the screen, I understand the basics so I think I should "grasp" that well.

I would like to get some idea about what API do you recommends and how they works with Pelle's C. Would be possible for you guys to help me in this area? Thanks beforehand.
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Re: Best Microsoft graphics API for use with Pelle's C
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Thanks for the tip, TimoVJL!  ;)

EDIT: Thanks again!
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