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Image Tools
« on: May 02, 2017, 08:41:18 pm »
Image Tools

Image Tools is not a viewer. It is a simple tool for sorting images, renaming them and finding duplicates files.
Image Tools also displays the histogram and the colors areas.

Image Tools uses a memory SQLite database to store images properties.
Image Tools also uses GFLSDK for displaying the images.

The first thing to do when the program starts is "Select Folder"
After the folder is selected, Image Tools browse the folder and build a thumbnail.
It also compute the MD5 for each image bits, construct a temporary file name and builds the histogram.

The images are shown.

The MD5 is used when the user selects "Delete Duplicate Images".
Images with the same MD5 are supposed to be identical and are deleted.

Temporary file name is used when the user selects "Rename All Files".
Image Tools gets each real file name into its database and renames it with the temporary name.
Image Tools gets the last part of the current path to build the final file name.
Image Tools stores the current file extension.

Example :

Files into the folder "F:\Cheerleaders\Auditions\Funny Picture.jpg" will be renamed as "F:\Cheerleaders\Auditions\Auditions 000006.jpg"

Before renaming the image files, Image Tools keeps in mind the current sort option.
The files will be sorted using this criteria.

Sorting options  :
Width / Height
Width / Ratio
Width / Height / Ratio
Width / Height / Ratio / Colors
Height / Width
Height / Ratio
Height / Width / Ratio
Height / Width / Ratio / Colors
Orientation / Width
Orientation / Height
Orientation / Width / Height
Orientation / Width / Height / Colors
Orientation / Height / Width
Orientation / Height / Width / Colors
DPI (X) / DPI (Y)
DPI (Y) / DPI (X)
Blue / Green
Red / Blue
Red / Green
Red / Green / Blue
Blue / Green
Red / Blue
Red / Green
Red / Green / Blue
Blue / Green
Red / Blue
Red / Green
Red / Green / Blue
Blue / Green
Red / Blue
Red / Green
Red / Green / Blue
Record Number (database record number)
Format (jpg, gif...)
Size (Image size)
Colors (Number of unique colors)
File Size
File Name
CheckSum (MD5)

If the image width is greater than the image height the ratio is computed like this Height / Width else it is Width / Height.


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Re: Image Tools
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New version
Many bugs out!

Download here : One Drive

ImgTools is made for helping user to find repeated images.
It offers many services as :
1-Optimize images
2-Sort images
3-Delete images
4-Rename images
5-Remove Metadatas
6-Duplicate images
7-Move images files
8-Edit files
Three contextual menus can be displayed :

1-CTRL RIGHT CLICK : Displays the free folders list
2-SHIFT RIGHT CLICK : Displays the fixed folders list
3-RIGHT CLICK : Displays the normal context menu
The free list is a list of 20 folders names from which you can add folders.
Always 20 folders are kept.
The fixed folders list is a set of 20 folders names that you cannot modify while
the list is full.

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Re: Image Tools
« Reply #2 on: July 05, 2017, 08:01:20 am »

Image Tools »" is an image viewer. One more ! Where some similar programs crash or do not display thumbnails, « Image Tools » does. No matter how many images are in a folder, "« Image Tools »" will cut it into virtual pages, allowing you to display images in full.

Image Tools »", with its 75 sorting options, makes it easy to find duplicate images. It can also do it automatically using its ranking algorithm.

Image Tools »" also allows to optimize the images, to copy them, to move them, ...

Image Tools »" does not display dialog boxes, it works alone. For example, if while copying a file "« Image Tools »" detects a name conflict, it will automatically change the name of the new file to preserve the two images.

Image Tools »" also automatically renames files based on the sort criteria.

Overview of "« Image Tools »" capabilities:

1. Copying files.
2. Renaming files.
3. Destruction of an image.
4. Duplicate image detection.
5. Sorting images.
6. Duplicate images.
7. Editing the current image.
8. Deletion of metadata.
9. Image optimization.
10. Rotate images.
11. Mirror images.
12. Changing the Contrast.
13. Copy the image to the clipboard.
14. Moving images.

Moving a file.

Image Tools »" uses two lists:

1. A fixed list.
2. A free list.

The frozen list contains the last 30 folder names used. It cannot change.
The free list also contains the 30 file names used, but it is still possible to add a new folder. In this case, the first elements of the list disappear.

These two lists are configurable by accessing the "Options" menu.

The program works well but it is slow. It has been tested in a folder containing 313 sub directories and 44 572 files. That is equal to 13.3 Gb. I know, that there should be any bugs, reply to this message and I will make the corrections.

Setup program
Source files

Small documentation
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Re: Image Tools
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Many bugs corrected.
Cleaned source code!
Changed algorythm for P1to P8 (Compute number of colors (R,G,B,Y,C,M,Black,White)
Added sort options (now 99!)
Added the source code for Inno Installer
Now when an icons is smaller than the size of the listview icon it is not resized.
For the zoom Window, the negate window and the black and White window,
if the image is smaller than the client area, it is not resized.

The joint zip contains :
- the programs,
- the source code files
- but NOT the DLL.

To launch it you need:

- SQLite DLL 64 bits
- GFLDSK for XnView

the needed files are :
  • libgfl340.dll
  • libgfle340.dll
  • sqlite3.dll
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Re: Image Tools
« Reply #4 on: July 14, 2017, 07:00:41 pm »
Yet an update

Now I only select JPG files.
Added a similar images search.
Similar images are kind of duplicates. A dupilcate image is the same as the original, a similar image looks like the original but can have a different size, a different number of colors. I google'd, about similar images, it's a very very hard work, and nobody has the solution.
To detect them I count the percentage of each color by the number of colors in the image. I don't use the number of colors because if the image sizes are differents I don't tell the program that it is similar.
Tooltips display information about "Duplicate" and "Similar".
The MD5 used to find dupilcated images is replaced with a CRC32 (From Apple). It is used too for similar images.
Many bugs corrected.
Now the images are displayed using the RecordNumber field rather than the RowId Field. It seems there is a problem with the RowId if the first field in the database is a Key.
Corrected bugs mainly were in SQLite commands.

Main WM_COMMAND cases are sorted alphabetically expecting the compiler will optimize this part.
Removed dead code.

Next step :

-Display only Duplicated images,
-Display only Similar images,
-Display only landscape images,
-Display only portrait images.

Next Next Step :

-Add a query module for SQLite.
-Possibility to write add-ins.

Next Next Next Step :

Try to replace XnView GFLSdk with GDI+ (is it more quicker?) or give the user the possibility to select the library?
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Re: Image Tools
« Reply #5 on: July 24, 2017, 05:38:28 pm »
New update :)
Bug Fixed
New Options
Image Tools.ini moved to My Documents rather than Program Files


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Re: Image Tools
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Installation Program

The menus
The toolbar
The dialog boxes
-------------------------------------------------- ------------

Image Tools is a software for viewing images.
The images can be of the type:
- Bitmap (BMP)

An option allows you to select only JPEG images.
Each folder to be displayed is divided into virtual pages.
A virtual page is defined by a number between
100 and 2500.

On request, Image Tools can also search for images
In the subfolders.

Image Tools keeps track of the folders in which
Images have been moved

The Image Tools options are accessible via a menu or

-------------------------------------------------- ------------

There are four of them:

- Image: The viewer
- Zoom: Shows the enlarged image.

- Shows the image in negative.

- Black & White: Image converted to Black and White. Threshold = 127.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------
The menus

- File
- Sort
- Action
- Options
- About Image Tools

The "File" menu

- Change Folder: Load images from another folder.

- Exit: Ends the program

The "Sort" menu

It offers an array of 99 sorting options.
Sorts are used implicitly when displaying a page or
Even when renaming files.
It is also possible to sort in ascending or descending order.
The program saves the last sort options used. It will apply when
The program will be launched again.

The "Action" menu

- Delete Image: Deletes the selected image.
- Delete duplicated Images. Deletes duplicate images.
- Delete Similar Images: Delete duplicate images.
- Remove Meta Datas: Cleans the current image
- Remove All Meta Datas: Cleans all images.
- Rename All Files. Renames all files.
- Refresh This image: Updates the information of the current image.
- Duplicate Image: Creates a duplicate of the image file.
- Move File: Moves an image file.
- Move File to Last Folder: Moves the image file to the last selected folder.
- Edit File: Starts the program associated with the type of the image.
- Optimize Images: Reduces the weight of an image file.

The "Options" menu

- Free Folders List: Configures the folder list.

- Fixed Folders List: Configures the folder list.

The "About" menu

- About Image Tools: Displays information about the program.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------
Known Bugs :-[

When renaming files, the program may
error. Files that could not be renamed have the extension 'TMP'. He ... not
Do not quit the program but open the command interpreter and
Position in the directory where the images are stored. (C: \> CD MYDIRECTORY).
Once in the directory, enter the command: REN * .TMP * .JPG
Now it is possible to quit the program. Do not leave the program
When an error is detected during the file renaming operation
Because "* .TMP" files will be deleted!
-------------------------------------------------- ------------

- Images duplicated
- Similar images
- Image Optimization
- Free Folders List
- Fixed Folders List

-------------------------------------------------- ------------
Images duplicated

This corresponds to a perfectly identical duplicate image,
Same width, same height and even number of colors.
-------------------------------------------------- ------------
Similar images

This corresponds to a visually identical image but the number of colors
May be different. Only the dimensions of the images are identical.
-------------------------------------------------- ------------
Image Optimization

This is especially true for 24-bit formats such as JPEG. If an image
To a width that is not a multiple of 3, it is possible to have one or
Two bytes added. The program truncates the images to the multiple of three
Immediately below.

If an image is in JPEG format, it is recorded by performing the minimum
Compression ratio, ie 95%. Do not use 100% compression this
Generates bizarre pixels on the last columns.
-------------------------------------------------- ------------
Free Folders List

In this list there are 30 entries. When the list is full, the next
Add will chase the first list item.
-------------------------------------------------- ------------
Fixed Folders List

This list has 30 entries. When the list is full, it is no longer
Possible to add elements.


If you find something wrong don't hesitate tell it...

Bye Ghosts :o :o :o :o :o :o :o
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Re: Image Tools (Last Update)
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I think it is complete.
For the instant I stop.


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Re: Image Tools
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