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Reflexions about asm and PoAsm
« on: September 26, 2017, 06:52:55 pm »
Only 3 error messages
  • 'xxxx undefined'
  • 'xxxx unused'
  • 'Invalid combination of opcode and operands (or wrong CPU setting).'
With the largeAddress.... it is complicated, allways do

Code: [Select]
mov rax,OFFSET szSomeThing
mov rcx,[rax]

rather than

mov rcx,szSomeThing

This is not Pelle's fault.

Because the stack is reserved PARAMAREA parameter, can't make any push into the code, just for saving registers (PROLOGUE)

Can't debug efficiently(?) because the debugger has one line (or two) in late with the real code. Obliged to use the disassembler.

Programming in asm 32 bits was easier, the goold old times.

PoAsm is easy to use for all the other things, fast, very fast.
Easy to use PROTO macro.
Starting from zero I easily created windows' protos and interfaces for the libraries.

I did not understand why Timo uses the rip for addressing.
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