Author Topic: Why does Pelles IDE have such a low profile on the web? /Introducing myself  (Read 8011 times)

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I became acquainted with Pelles work by simply googling "C ide for windows".
Visual studio is kinda nice for C++ and such work in windows side, but its C-support has always been something of a bastard child.

Pelles C seems to be filling a lovely niche for me, when it comes to using pure C ( unlike the god-knows what subset enforced by visual studio ) in conjunction with learning more about x86/64 assembly.

It's light-weight, a bit quirky, but simple, non-bloated, rather simple to use and free.
What's there not to like?

I think the current situation is a matter of timing, kinda....
These days, most programmers start and end at highest level languages, never bothering to stop at C, let alone assembly, especially in windows side.

The niche is always alive and well, but in the grand scheme of things, IDE like this has a hard time attracting mainstream appeal.
I think the whole compiler/ide/assembler package is amazing for what it is, but try explaining it to a "modern" programmer.  :-\

Overall, a lovely IDE for windows side.
It's currently my primary lower-than-c++ developing environment.