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Win10 x64 install problems
« on: June 25, 2018, 10:46:27 pm »
I use Windows 10 64 bits and I can't get Pelle's C to install without a multitude of errors, I have one PC with Window 7 32 bit and it installed fine with no errors.

I tried it on several different PCs, all have Win10 64 bits and it gets multiple errors when it gets to the parts where it's installing the sample programs, I can go to the directory in question and I can create and copy files with no problem but the install program says it can create a file with reading/write permissions. The SDK install is even worse, it gets 100's of errors.

I tried V9 Beta and the same thing happens. So I tried something else, I when installing selected to ignore the errors, I copied the sample files from the 32 bit PC, I then started Pelle C and opened the sample project hello.ppj it had an error in that that file could not be written to, so I opened that file with an editor and changed the file and it saved OK so the problem is not my account having the permission to read/write to the file, it's in that the Pelle software is opening the file with an account that has no permission to do the same, the install program also has the same problem.

So I question what account is being used to install and read those sample files, I looked at the folders with the samples, and three accounts have full permission "System, Administrator, and my personal login account" there is no other account listed.


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Re: Win10 x64 install problems
« Reply #1 on: June 25, 2018, 11:48:38 pm »
Never mind, my anti-virus thinks that anything Pelle's C is an attack on my PC, they used to give a popup message that a program is misbehaving, but apparently they no longer do that.

I looked at the error messages and there a multitude of critical errors saying how various Pelle's C programs were stopped from attacking my PC, no warning they just stopped the software from working with no warning whatsoever.

Sorry about that, sometimes I think the anti-virus software is worse than the viruses.