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Version 9.00 (RC2) is now available

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Pelles C version 9.00 (RC2) is now available for download:

Major changes:

Changes for RC2:

* Added definitions of far, near, pascal, FAR, NEAR to Windows includes (Go Win16, or whatever ;)).
* Added reposition of mode ComboBox also for some Add-In messages sent to main window (AIM_ADD_COMMAND_W, AIM_REMOVE_COMMAND).
* Added resource compiler protection to most C runtime includes (added #ifndef RC_INVOKED .. #endif). For projects using the same master include file for both C and RC files.
* Dropped handling of conflicting typedef names in the debugger, never display as "type1/type2/..." (just too confusing).
* Enhanced precision for last digit when converting from string to floating-point. This affects at least strtof(), strtod(), strtold(), atof(), wcstof(), wcstod(), wcstold(), and %e, %g, %f, %a conversion specifiers for scanf family of functions.
* Fixed painting problem when starting the IDE with an empty workspace on a non-maximized main window.
* Fixed one problem in the compilers register allocator.
* Added attempt at a more sequential layout of machine code when full debug info is requested from the compiler (hopefully helping the debugger associate source code with machine code, and accepting more breakpoints).
* Added new linker behavior: adjust default operating-system version down to any specified subsystem version.
* Fixed problem with missing callback annotation (calling convention) in Windows aclapi.h.
* Fixed problem with internal debugger exception during loading of X64 exception info (room for irony here :)). Only happended for some projects, and only when assembly files were part of the project; "interesting problem".
* Fixed problem in compiler optimizer with weirdly written "C" code.

Great to have a new version coming up :-)

Thanks Pelle.


Hi Pelle!

I just discovered version 9 - thank you very much.

Now that I'm retired, I do much less programming but to borrow from a popular internet meme,

"I may not program often but when I do, I prefer to use Pelles C"

Thanks again.


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