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Title: error #3120: [asm] Symbol 'nIdMenu' is undefined
Post by: cfmspavia on August 07, 2009, 02:26:56 pm
I'm in the process of rebuilding with v6.00.4 some code that worked fine under v5.
In one of the functions I'm getting some compile time errors like this:

"error #3120: [asm] Symbol 'nIdMenu' is undefined"

in the line that first uses the variable. In fact, 'nIdMenu' is one of the function parameters.

The function is defined something like this:

HWND IconListViewCreate (HINSTANCE hInstance, HWND hwndParent, LPTSTR lpszIconText[], int nNumIcons, UINT nIdFirstIcon, UINT nIdMenu, LPRECT lpRect)

The compiler complains about nIdMenu and lpRect, but not of the other parameters.

The exact same code compiles and works fine under WIN32.