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Title: AddIn for setting automatically the AS and LINK debug options
Post by: henrin on October 01, 2014, 05:10:06 PM
The project options has a compiler dialog with the most used settings.
When I change the debug/release options, I have to repeat some operations in the assembler dialog and in the linker dialogs.

This add-in propagates the debug settings from the compiler to the assembler and to the linker :
- the assembler setting is the same as the compiler setting (-Zi or -Zd or nothing),
- the linker setting is different and also depends on the target type (no COFF option for 64-bit projects)

The benefits is I have to concentrate:
- on the compile options for debug and optimization
- on the linker options for objects and libraries.

The attached project is for PellesC 7 - 64-bit.

Thanks for  :Dthe documentation and numerous examples found on this forum.