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Sqlite 3 with PellesC
« on: March 21, 2006, 08:27:43 pm »
I will explain here how to get Sqlite 3 running with your PellesC application. I had some trouble because there was no lib file delivered with the packages. But no problem, we can make one!

Download and unpack the stuff into a new directory.

We have to modify the def file now a little bit.
Open the sqlite def file with wordpad (not the windows editor!)
It will look like:
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Add "LIBRARY sqlite3" (it is important that the name is the same as the name of your sqlite dll!)

After that it looks like:

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LIBRARY sqlite3

Save it. You can give it a new name, so you have a copy if something goes wrong. Put it in the directory where the sqlite dll is.

Now you need a Dos console and the directory for polib.exe and the directory where you have extracted the sqlite stuff.

- Open the console, type in the path and name for polib.exe
- Add "/DEF:" + the path to the sqlite.def file (or the new name if you have renamed it)
- Add "/OUT:" + the new path and name for the lib which will be generated.

This could look like:
K:\>E:\Programme\PellesC\Bin\polib.exe /DEF:E:\Programme\PellesC\Projects\sqlite\sqlite3.txt /OUT:E:\Programme\PellesC\Projects\sqlite\sqlite3.lib

Hit enter and this is the output:
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POLIB: warning: /MACHINE not specified; assuming IX86.

Except that little warning it seems to be ok and you can use now your new generated lib file and the sqlite dll in your projects.



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Re: Sqlite 3 with PellesC
« Reply #1 on: June 09, 2017, 05:41:04 am »
You could simply load the sqlite3.dll at run time then get handles to the dll exports; works for me.
I generally do the dynamic run time route remembering to consult the official SQLite3 API and it (SQLite) likes Unicode now.

Good stuff regardless, nice tut/example!