Author Topic: Version 4.50 Beta 2 available  (Read 3151 times)

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Version 4.50 Beta 2 available
« on: May 31, 2006, 05:57:11 pm »
Version 4.50 Beta #2 is now available from:

Changes from Beta #1 includes the following:
* Added 'View matching braces' option. A visual line will be drawn between matching { }, ( ), [ ], when the caret is located next to one of these characters. More visual than using F12.
* (Re-)added revised Smartphone application wizard.
* Added new add-in samples (increment build number, generate GUID, and make RGB macro).
* Added CINCLUDE directive to POASM (otherwise rather tedious to share ID's between a resource script and a source file).
* Added cecrypt.lib for Pocket PC (crypt32.lib filename already in use).
* Bugfix: changed POASM's include file search to match the new behaviour in the C compiler (for a relative path).
* Bugfix: renamed some macros in wctype.h to avoid errors when compiling for Pocket PC.
* Bugfix: some POASM keywords (X86) pointed to the wrong help page.
* Bugfix: problem with items on a menu bar that didn't open a popup menu (mostly Smartphones, but also Pocket PC).
* Bugfix: fixed transparency problem in some images for Win XP.

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