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Version 4.50 Beta 4 available
« on: August 06, 2006, 02:15:37 pm »
Version 4.50 Beta #4 available:

Changes from Beta 3 to Beta 4:

* Pocket PC: Added time() runtime function (crtce.lib) and excluded unsupported functions from time.h.
* bugfix: (POCC) intrinsic versions of _rotl(), _rotr(), _lrotl(), _lrotr(), and _bswap() are less likely to clobber the register allocator (X86).
* bugfix: (POCC) db "string" didn't work in the inline assembler (X86/ARM).
* bugfix: (POASM) some literals, like <">, could case problems in false conditional code.
* bugfix: (POIDE) a workspace ZIP file could previously contain duplicate files (cross-referenced include files, for example).
* bugfix: (POIDE) large icon view, in New Project, should now work for non-XP Windows versions.
* bugfix: (POASM) some arguments to INVOKE wasn't properly sign extended.
* Minor spelling errors fixed.