Author Topic: Permission to include Pelles tools with the future Masm SDKs  (Read 48 times)

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Permission to include Pelles tools with the future Masm SDKs
« on: September 19, 2023, 09:15:32 PM »
Hi Pelle,

To keep alive the legacy of Steve Hutchesson, the maintainer of the MASM32\MASM64 SDKs , I would like your permission to include the following tools and required DLLs with the future releases of the Masm SDKs :

Code: [Select]

The current versions of your tools coming with the Masm SDKs are old.

Shortened version of the file \masm32\bin\pelle.txt :

Pelle Orinius has given permission to include a number of his high tech
tools in the MASM32 Project.

Pelle's tools are available from his website as a complete programming
package called Pelles C.

The tools included in the MASM32 Project are the command line tools
suitable for building assembler projects and/or modules in assembler.
Pelles C contain a complete IDE that includes its own resource editor
and a complete range of tools and accessories for building C and
mixed C and ASM projects.

With current testing the linker produces more efficient PE headers and
generally results in a smaller EXE file.

With the current build style batch files used in MASM32, the main difference
when using PoLink.exe instead of the Microsoft Link.exe is that the
resource file must be appended as a RES file, not an OBJ file converted

Below are the available command line options for PoAsm.exe, PoLink.exe
Porc.exe and PoLib.exe.
Code it... That's all...