Author Topic: Implementing (Menu Drag & Drop Operations) MNS_DRAGDROP  (Read 4555 times)


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Implementing (Menu Drag & Drop Operations) MNS_DRAGDROP
« on: March 11, 2008, 01:37:09 pm »
Hi all, it's been a while.
I'll try to keep it simply:
I think most of you have seen or used Internet Explorer, If you look at the Favourites menu you will notice it allows you to organize the bookmarks by means of drag & drop operations.

You can enable drag and drop by a call to SetMenuInfo and the dwStyle member of MENUINFO set to MNS_DRAGDROP.
That's it... then It's a complete void of information.
There are 2 messages sent to the main proc: WM_MENUGETOBJECT & WM_MENUDRAG,MSDN documentation is poor and there's no implmentation code, I gave up, maybe some of you guys know better and can help me.
Thanks in advance.