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Looking for CD code content for Out of Print Book
« on: April 01, 2010, 09:38:12 pm »

Hi I am trying to use c with the Win32 api, so I have collected three out of print books by the Waite Press Group.

A three book series:

Windows 95 Win 32 Programming Api Bible by Richard Simon ......... Book 1

Windows 95 Common Controls & Messages Api Bible... by Richard Simon Book 2

Windows 95 Multimedia & ODBC API Bible by Simon (?), Davis, Tony; Eaton, John; Goertz, R. Murray  Book 3

The first two I have received (bought used), the third one is being shipped (used) .... but has no CD.

I would really like to get the code content of Book 3.  The publisher does not exist, so there is no publisher that might have it available as a download.

I do have the CD for each of the first two books in the series.

Would anyone be able to send me a copy? Or tell me where I could get it ?

Thanks, Ed


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Re: Looking for CD code content for Out of Print Book
« Reply #1 on: April 11, 2010, 04:46:26 pm »
Issue Resolved.

  In my searching, I found a link that stated that thought the book was copyrighted, the CD was not.

I was not interested then, NOW I would post that link but I can no longer find it with Google!

  My book came, and for 10 bucks it was brand new and included the CD. So my problem is solved.

  I have run into this problem before though. All old stuff, like no CD in LogParser Toolkit by Giuseppi (sp ?).
I pushed hard and got McMillan to post it as a download.

  Maybe Dr Dobbs would have downloads of CD's for out of print books.

  I searched also for contact info on Richard J. Simon, and also for the original owner of Waite Press (found his website, but no contact info). A lot of code on the CD's is extra, and NOT in the book !

  Anyone interested in C and not "all aboard" with C++ is also interested in books written years back.

  Anyone interested in the cmd.exe NT is interested in out of print books. Books can be "gone" within 8 years (and the publisher) these days.      ......It makes it hard for people like me interested in legacy (but not "to me") stuff.

  If anyone has any ideas of who to contact at Dr Dobbs, or anywhere else ....who I could help motivate to make downloads available for out of print books .........   let me know.

  Assuming no one has any better ideas, I will write Dr. Dobbs himself in a few days.