Author Topic: UTF conversion within literal strings?  (Read 2944 times)


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UTF conversion within literal strings?
« on: May 24, 2010, 08:19:55 pm »
In my code I have strings like this: "\200A\201" which is meant to represent a pointer to the four bytes: {128,65,129,0}
those byte will be sent around during the program execution.

I get the following warning:

 warning #2223: Unable to convert character '\u0080' to codepage 1252; using default character.

that makes me thing that the code "\200" is actually interpreted as "\u0080". 

Unfortunately the warnings are not armless, the same program compiled with gcc and Visual C compiles and works as intended.

Frankly I'm a little bit surprised as I've not found anywhere that it is legitimate for a C compiler to do that conversion, the C standard suggests that each escape sequence has to be treated separately. But I might have missed something.

Is there any flag I should set to ensure that string literals are not interpreted as UTF-8?