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sms project
« on: August 08, 2010, 07:28:44 pm »
cemapi.lib provided with pelles tools, but not cemapi.h (and dozens of its dependent .h's)  any reason?  i tried copying a bunch cempapi header files from ms winmo sdk, but when i plugged them into my pelles build, it stopped after 100 errors and told me to improve myself.  much too late for that now, i'm afraid. 

sms.lib and sms.h are provided in the pelles tools, and they build the project ok, but it doesn't work on my minmo 6.1 pro device (sms.dll is on the device.)  just kind of a quiet crash.

from what i've read, sms.lib/dll are apparently for pre-winmo 5.  newer winmo's are supposed to use cemapi.lib/dll.  so i'd like to give that a try.  shouldn't the .h be included?

both cemapi.dll and sms.dll have an "smssendmessage()" call, but with different args.
thanks in advance for any help.