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GUI Programming In C[WINDOWS] E-Book
« on: October 25, 2010, 10:21:46 am »
this site is a cool place for windows GUI programming in C. the tutorial on this site concentrates purely on C. And it also provides the tutorial in ebook and also the example code used.

example code:
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Re: GUI Programming In C E-Book
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Thanks very much for this link. After years programming MFC programs, this is a real help for programming Windows under Standard C. A real help, porting some old Turbo C DOS applications to Windows without building everything new.


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Re: GUI Programming In C[WINDOWS] E-Book
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MFC = mutha fn crappy!
Nobody likes MFC, they merely tolerate it as long as possible.
Anyone whom likes MFC is a liar.  O.O

Forgers is good stuff; used it while studying assembler with FAsm too. Good stuff!  ;-)