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Files not saved before build
« on: August 25, 2011, 09:43:38 pm »
I'm presently working on a Windows API project that will be comiled for both X86 and X64 targets using identical source files. To make life easy I started two projects with different output folders  (output32 and output64) and executable names (Project32 and Project 64) and had them both share the same source code files...

When I open the workspace, with both projects in it and make changes, only one of the two projects will actually save the files before building...  If I open the projects separately, either one will save before bulding.

That is...
If I have main.c open in the 32 bit project it will save the file. 
But if I set the active project to the 64bit project, and open the file there it will not save the file before building. 
The behaviour even persists if I close the file in one project, switch to the other then open it there...

The reverse is also true and it appears to depend on which project I used to create the file...
I've looked at the project options and settings and can't see any reason for this strange behavior...

OS: Windows 7 64bit sp1
Pelles C: ver 650 6c4 ... 6.50.8
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