Author Topic: Little mistakes in the german translation  (Read 1260 times)

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Little mistakes in the german translation
« on: May 03, 2012, 09:19:49 am »
Here are some more little mistakes is the german translation:
Options dialog:
Tab Allgemein: text "Eindeutige Resourcenbezeichner erzeugen" seems to be to long for this field.
Tab Projekt: text "Neues Arbeitsplatzprojekt automatisch auswählen" seems also be to long.
Tab Dialoge: the headers "Abstand der Steuerelemente" und "Abstand der Schaltflächen" looks not very nice. Perhaps you can make the group frame more wide.
Projektoptionen dialog:
Tab Compiler:
at the text "Überlaufschutz für signed integer einschalten" would it be IMHO a little more correct to write Integer with a Captital.
at the text "Der Type Char ist unsigned" would perhaps better be a lower case letter, because you reference a keyworld of C.

If you switch in the workspace window to  "Zieldateien" and right click the target you get a context menu with "Erzeugen, Erneuern, Bereinigen, ...". Is it possible to add "Bereinigen" to the "Projekt" menu, so it is easier to find. Perhaps also a good Idea for the english GUI. I know this is a feature request and not mistake.

But very good work, few little issues and very much text. :)
best regards
 Alex ;)