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Support for multiple resource files
« on: August 18, 2014, 11:02:35 am »
I'm developing a project using two other resource files which i have to include in my project resource file. One resource file is a small library file, which will be linked statically. The other one is a version info resource file dynamically build on project build.

My solution creating a main resource file was very simple. I've copied all resource files into one main resource file and used this file in my project.

Now PellesC offers a interresting alternative: resource includes!  :)

So i included my resouce file into my project resource file and it works. The resource editor shows all included dialogs and version info elements. However this feature works to good for me. Whenever i store the project resource file PellesC will look into all included resource files and add all found resource elements into the project resource file! After changing the resource file 5 times the file will contain 5 version info elements! :-[

My Question: Is it possible to include other resource file into an other file?


Note: I am using PellesC as a resource editor and VS Express as IDE.