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Image Viewer (the end is not very closed)
« on: March 08, 2016, 07:03:21 AM »
I made corrections and added new possibilities.

The first tab 'View' display image icons.
The second 'Zoom' displays the original image in the client area (Sorry Timo I don't append to make a real zoom).
The third 'Effect' lets you see what appends when applying an effect.
The fourth 'Memory' is cumulative. It adds all the effects for the current image file. Sometimes it is very fun.
The fifth 'Layers' is a bit complicated (for me) : You have colors, textures, fusion mode, and 3 sources (Original, Effect and Memory).
You combine them while appliying first the color and the color with then this result with the source always using the fusion mode.
Strange sometimes but funny too.

You can donwnload the program here.

Please send me comments, the test are not finished, I always try to find bugs but I am alone.
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Re: Image Viewer (the end is not very closed)
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New version available here

bugs less but not bugs free!
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Re: Image Viewer
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Very neat - works well

John Z