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« on: November 01, 2017, 05:45:58 pm »

Thank you to everyone who participated in these discussions. I hope I have not been aggressive. I take what I do very hard and be upset it's hard to accept even if I'm wrong.

Thank you JJ, Vortex, Timo and Frankie.

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Re: Merci
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Hi Jokaste,

No worries. Take it easy. Programming is a vast area. We always need to study as IT is one of most rapidly advancing fields. Sometimes me too, I feel sour when things are not going as expected but there is always the possibility to review some problems. I see that you have a close interest in multimedia programming. Continue to keep up your work. The most important is to find the right material on the net to study the theories. Health, thinking, studying, researching and perseverance are probably all what we need.

For all of us, du courage Jokaste.
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Re: Merci
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Programming is my passion and IT is my job.

Thanks Vortex.