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TLWHViewRE alpha
« on: June 16, 2018, 08:18:28 pm »
TLWHViewRE is under development, it use richedit/msftedit.dll as viewer.

An example for a test:
Code: [Select]
SET MSHC_PATH=C:\code\MSDN-2016\msh
IndexWHelp.exe %MSHC_PATH%
echo [mshc]>TLWHViewRE.ini
echo Path=%MSHC_PATH%>>TLWHViewRE.ini
echo [mshc]>TLWHViewRE64.ini
echo Path=%MSHC_PATH%>>TLWHViewRE64.ini
TLWHViewRE.exe /Sleep
HelpView.ini, in AddIns64 folder
Code: [Select]

In here is enough files to test.

EDIT: 2018-09-15 a test version for latest help using title as keyword when F1 keys are missing.
EDIT: 2018-09-28 keyword parser fix.
EDIT: 2018-10-03: now use mshi with single file, if available in same folder.
EDIT: 2018-10-07: fix some UTF8 issues.
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