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FindFiles x64 with PoAsm V9
« on: June 26, 2018, 07:32:24 am »
This program contains a function that can easily be used in C language.
The function searches for files in the directory <__lpszPath> and for the
mask <__lpszMask>. It sends messages to the window <__hWnd>.
Subdirectories also are listed.

The function always returns TRUE (1)

int FindFiles(HWND __hWnd,LPSTR __lpszPath,LPSTR __lpszMask) ;
FindFile(_hWnd,"C:\\Program Files\\PellesC","*.*") ;

Messages   WPARAM (R8)   LPARAM (R9)   Description
0         0         0         The function has finished
0         0         ~0         The function has started
                           LPARAM (R9) contains the search specification
1         1         ~0         LPARAM (R9) contains the full file name
2         2         ~0         LPARAM (R9) contains the new folder name
3         3         0         The function did not find files and
                           will send the messages 4 and 5.
4         4         ???         LPARAM (R9) contains the number of folders found
5         5         ???         LPARAM (R9) contains the number of files found

The archive file joint is a 7z file renamed with zip extension.
When is it possible to add archive which are not ZIP file? The worst compressor ever created! >:(