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Mr Pelle
« on: June 26, 2018, 08:28:29 pm »
First of all I would thank you to offer us an IDE, a compiler, a linker and an assembler and so on.
They are great tools. I think they are the best.

It is easy for me to tell that there is a bug in the compiler or in the assembler, that I don't like the editor...
I think that such sentences could bless you, but never in my mind that thought was present.
I realize how much time, how much fashion these tools require.
I know how the family is not very pleased for all the time spent on your computer, I met this problem
few years ago.

Your are fabulous, how much knowledge is useful to create this. I admire you.

One of my dream was to make such tools, but if I am realist, I have not the knowledge for that.

All the critics we made on the forum are not because the compiler, the assembler... are bad,
they exist because these tools are the best. If it was a small compiler, we use it once or twice and after we drop it and download Pelles.

There are many years I use Pelle's software, they can be improved, nothing is really finished, but they are very good.
Continue please to work for them and tell your familly that a French Programmer uderstand them but at which level is the fashion, before or after the family. I don't have found the answer, even after 40 years in programming, repairing computers...

You are a genious (LIKE, LIKE, LIKE)