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Redistribute Pelles C
« on: June 03, 2019, 02:06:30 pm »

I'm developer st in xHarbour/Harbour (old Clipper language). I must, for my client, change of her project written in CA-Clipper (and very old xHarbour). My client isn't programmer and not have software development company, but is owner copyright for the all project.

I try compiler Pelles C and after rebuild project with newest xHarbour, and Pelles C version 8.00, the project works fine.

Can I legally create portable package with environment to compile and rebuild a software project (copy files or install to selected directory) , in this package will be included: Pelles C binaries (maybe only command tools and libraries), make (I use gnu make), and xHarbour binaries.

If yes, how I may create ZIP package or Install Package to properly works of command lines tools of Pelles C (paths, environment variables, registers entries)?
This package must be very simple to install, and to using (to rebuild project if I'll be absent). For me and my client, the best solution would be the structure of directories and files:
%DISK%\xHarbEnv\xHarbour ...
%DISK%\xHarbEnv\PellesC ...