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Chit-Chat / Re: FRANCE 3 GERMANY 1
« Last post by Grincheux on Yesterday at 05:10:38 pm »
The French Team could not kick the ball into the goals, German wanted to help...
Chit-Chat / Re: FRANCE 3 GERMANY 1
« Last post by Bitbeisser on Yesterday at 04:42:44 pm »
For the Europe football.
Sorry we win
Wishful thinking!  ;) It took an unfortunate own goal for France to beat Germany...
Assembly discussions / Using SetWindowLongPtrA
« Last post by Grincheux on Yesterday at 01:16:54 pm »
In the WNDCLASS or WNDCLASSEX it is possible to define space which are reserved to the window.
To access it there are to functions:
  • SetWindowLongPtrA
  • GetWindowLongPtrA
Windows define GWL_USERDATA to access the datas stored.
The problem SetWindowLongPtrA/GetWindowLongPtrA access only a pointer stored at GWL_USRDATA (-21)
If you have to store two pointers you will never access the second like this.
Proceed like this:
First in the class
MOV      DWORD PTR [RDX].WNDCLASSEX.cbWndExtra,2 * SIZEOF QWORD  ; Size for two pointers

Reserve space for two pointers


MOV      RDX,GWLP_USERDATA   ; First pointer, will be accessible in the classic way
MOV      R8D,[_RecordNumber]
CALL   SetWindowLongPtrA

MOV      R8D,_dwItemMenu      ; Store the second pointer
CALL   SetWindowLongPtrA

In WM_PAINT or anywhere else
;   _______________________________________________________________________________________
;                           W M _ P A I N T                                               |
;   _______________________________________________________________________________________
ALIGN   16
@WmPaint :
MOV      [_hWnd],RCX  ; Save the window handle

MOV      RDX,SIZEOF QWORD   ; Only access the second pointer
CALL   GetWindowLongPtrA       ; Get the second pointer

MOV      RCX,[_hWnd]  ; Retrieve the window handle
MOV      EDX,EAX         ; EDX has now the good value
JMP      PaintGrey

You could use this to store a string or a password...

I use the second part of the datas not to store a pointer but the item menu the user selected
because the Paint function accepts only a item menu identifier
void PaintGrey(HWND __hWnd,DWORD __dwItemMenu)
RECT         _Rc ;
IMAGEINFOS      _ImageInfos, *_lpImageInfos ;
HDC            _hDC, _hDCMem_1, _hDCMem_2 ;
HBITMAP         _hBmp_1, _hBmp_2, _hBmpOld_1, _hBmpOld_2 ;
double         _dNewWidth, _dNewHeight ;
DWORD         _dwRecordNumber ;
char         _szTmp[WINDOWS_MAX_PATH] ;

_hDC = BeginPaint(__hWnd,&_Ps) ;
_dwRecordNumber = GetWindowLongPtrA(__hWnd,GWLP_USERDATA) ;

case   IDM_GREY_01 :      GreyChannel_01(_lpImageInfos->BitmapInfo.bmiHeader.biSizeImage,_lpImageInfos->lpImageBits) ;   break ;
case   IDM_GREY_02 :      GreyChannel_02(_lpImageInfos->BitmapInfo.bmiHeader.biSizeImage,_lpImageInfos->lpImageBits) ;   break ;

EndPaint(__hWnd,&_Ps) ;

return ;
Beginner questions / Re: Newbie need help
« Last post by Grincheux on June 18, 2021, 04:03:19 pm » › record-...
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26 févr. 2020 — Whether you're on a PC or a Mac, you can record your system audio for free. ... you to record screen video and audio at the same time on Mac. ... you may need to enable Stereo Mix in the Windows sound recording options.

Sound Recorder app for Windows: FAQ - Microsoft Support › en-us
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Sound Recorder is an app you can use to record audio for up to three hours per recording file. You can use it side by side with other apps, which allows you to ...
Termes manquants : real ‎| Doit inclure : real

Free Sound Recorder - Capture any sound played by your ...
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Free Sound Recorder helps you record any sound passing through any line of your sound card ... by other programs like RealPlayer, Windows Media Player, iTunes and so on. ... or anything that runs on your desktop automatically at a specified time. ... Through the file list you can carry out operations like playing current file, ...
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How to Record Sound Playing on Computer Along With ... › Ho...
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To record sound from both the PC and the microphone, we are going to use RexNDox Apps Sound Recorder with Player and you can download this software from the ...
Getting the Application ReadyDouble-click on the quick launch icon or desktop icon to launch the application. The window as shown in the image appears on ...
Most of the time microphone is set as the Recording option in your computer. To ensure that this is the case, follow the below steps and use the image as ...

3 Ways to Record Your Voice on a Windows Computer ... › Record-...
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Open Voice Recorder. Voice Recorder is a simple audio recording app that comes with Windows 10. You will find it in the Start menu, or by typing voice ...
Click the microphone to start recording. It's the large round button at the bottom of the left panel. Pressing Control + R on the keyboard will also start ...
Sing or say whatever you want recorded. As you're recording, the time elapsed appears at the top of the window. To pause the recording temporarily, click ...

Enable Microphone, Line-In Audio, and Stereo Mix in Windows › how-to
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3 nov. 2017 — Getting Windows to record all those sounds isn't always so easy or ... the microphone, the sound will be played in real time to your speakers.

How To Record PC Screen with Audio (Computer Sound ... › how-to...
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4K Ultra HD video up to 3840x2160; Real-time drawing while recording; Over 24 ... To record computer sound and your voice at the same time in Windows Vista, ...

Tutorial - Recording Computer Playback on Windows ... › man
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13 avr. 2021 — Otherwise you will hear and record echoes or distorted sound. ... method of recording audio playing on the computer on Windows with Audacity. ... Internet streams can optionally be captured at faster than real-time rates ...

5+ best sound & voice recording apps for Windows 10 › sound-...
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2 mars 2021 — Easy to record audio and voice with just a few clicks of the mouse; Works perfectly with Adobe Premiere Pro; Real-time clip stretching for fast and ...

Real-time audio effects in Windows - Sound Design Stack ... › r...
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I am looking for instructions on how to setup a real time reverb or echo effects on a PC. Searching did not yield any obvious winners, so if someone can ...
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There are several solutions for your problem, and they have huge price range and complexity differences. I'll cover the conceptual basics here and the ...

Windows 10 IoT Real-time - Windows EtherCAT
Intuitive, popular real-time API: processes, threads, events, sockets, POSIX support, etc. Multi Core + SMP support (scalable from one to multiple CPU cores for the real-time part)
‎Windows And RTOS · ‎Linux And RTOS · ‎EtherCAT Products · ‎TSN Stack
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Assembly discussions / Re: NM_DBLCLK with Tab Control
« Last post by Grincheux on June 18, 2021, 04:00:44 pm »
It is amazing to me that the Micro$oft documentation for the TAB control all indicates that NM_RDBLCLK, and NM_DBLCLK should be available but as everyone has pointed out it is not true.

And I think there are others controls...
Assembly discussions / Re: NM_DBLCLK with Tab Control
« Last post by Grincheux on June 18, 2021, 03:56:10 pm »
if you disable CS_HREDRAW|CS_VREDRAW then shouldn't use gray brushes). Don't know if it's much use on a modern system, never bothered to benchmark

If you disable CS_HREDRAW and CS_VREDRAW, windows will not generate WM_ERASEBKGND
I accidentally removed them and was surprise while processing the WM_PAINT message.
To avoid this I do like this:

I create 3 DCs
DC1 = CompatibleDC
DC2 = Compatible DC
DC3 = GetDC or BegingPaint
In the first I draw the image with resize (StretchBlt)
I draw the background in the DC2 => I make the WM_ERASEBKGND
In the second I transfert from the DC1 to DC2 using Bitblt
In the third, The window DC I use Bitblt to transfert the final image from DC2 to DC3

Code: [Select]
void ImageGetBitmap(HWND __hWnd,HDC __hDC,LPSTR __lpszFileName)
   alignas(HANDLE)   GFL_LOAD_PARAMS      _Params ;
   alignas(HANDLE)   double            _dThumbNailsWidth, _dThumbNailsHeight ;
   alignas(HANDLE)   HDC               _hDCTemp, _hDCNew ;
   alignas(HANDLE)   HBITMAP            _hBmpOldTemp, _hBmpOldNew ;
   alignas(HANDLE)   HBRUSH            _hBrush ;
   alignas(HANDLE)   RECT            _Rc ;
   alignas(HANDLE)   BITMAP            _Bitmap ;
   alignas(HANDLE)   HBITMAP            _hImgBitmap ;
   alignas(DWORD)   DWORD            _dwThumbNailsWidth ;      // Thumbnail Width
   alignas(DWORD)   DWORD            _dwThumbNailsHeight;      // Thumnail Height
   GetClientRect(__hWnd,&_Rc) ;
   _hDCTemp = CreateCompatibleDC(__hDC) ;
      _hDCNew = CreateCompatibleDC(__hDC) ;
         _hImgBitmap = CreateCompatibleBitmap(__hDC,_Rc.right,_Rc.bottom) ;
            _hBmpOldNew = SelectObject(_hDCNew,_hImgBitmap) ;
               _hBrush = GetStockObject(BLACK_BRUSH) ;
               FillRect(_hDCNew,&_Rc,_hBrush) ;

               gflGetDefaultLoadParams(&_Params) ;

               _Params.Flags = GFL_LOAD_SKIP_ALPHA ;
               _Params.FormatIndex = -1 ;
               _Params.Origin = GFL_TOP_LEFT ;
               _Params.ColorModel = GFL_ARGB ;

               if(gflLoadBitmapIntoDDB(__lpszFileName,&_hImgBitmap,&_Params,NULL) == GFL_NO_ERROR)
                  GetObject(_hImgBitmap,sizeof(BITMAP),&_Bitmap) ;

                  _hBmpOldTemp = SelectObject(_hDCTemp,_hImgBitmap) ;
                     SetStretchBltMode(_hDCTemp,HALFTONE) ;
                     SetStretchBltMode(_hDCNew,HALFTONE) ;

                     if((_Bitmap.bmWidth < _Rc.right) && (_Bitmap.bmHeight < _Rc.bottom))
                        _dwThumbNailsWidth = (DWORD) _Bitmap.bmWidth ;
                        _dwThumbNailsHeight = (DWORD) _Bitmap.bmHeight ;
                        _dThumbNailsWidth = (double) _Rc.right ;
                        _dThumbNailsHeight = (double) _Rc.bottom ;

                        ImageResize((double) _Bitmap.bmWidth,(double) _Bitmap.bmHeight,(double) _Rc.right,(double) _Rc.bottom,&_dThumbNailsWidth,&_dThumbNailsHeight) ;

                        _dwThumbNailsWidth = (DWORD) _dThumbNailsWidth ;
                        _dwThumbNailsHeight = (DWORD) _dThumbNailsHeight ;

                     StretchBlt(_hDCNew,(_Rc.right - _dwThumbNailsWidth) / 2,(_Rc.bottom - _dwThumbNailsHeight) / 2,_dwThumbNailsWidth,_dwThumbNailsHeight,_hDCTemp,0,0,_Bitmap.bmWidth,_Bitmap.bmHeight,SRCCOPY) ;
                     BitBlt(__hDC,0,0,_Rc.right,_Rc.bottom,_hDCNew,0,0,SRCCOPY) ;

                     SelectObject(_hDCTemp,_hBmpOldTemp) ;

                  DeleteObject(_hImgBitmap) ;

               SelectObject(_hDCNew,_hBmpOldNew) ;

            DeleteObject(_hImgBitmap) ;

         DeleteDC(_hDCTemp) ;

      DeleteDC(_hDCNew) ;

   return ;
Add-ins / Re: Line Counter Add-IN
« Last post by Grincheux on June 18, 2021, 03:44:01 pm »
By curiosity I asked the linker to make a map file.
In many cases you addin more useful.

 Timestamp is 60cca229 (Fri Jun 18 15:39:53 2021)

 Preferred load address is 0000000140000000

 Start         Length     Name                   Class
 0001:00000000 0000ab2dH .text                   CODE
 0002:00000000 000018e0H .rdata                  DATA
 0002:000018e0 00000110H .xdata                  DATA
 0003:00000000 000000b4H .pdata                  DATA
 0004:00000000 000000b4H .idata$2                DATA
 0004:000000b4 00000014H .idata$3                DATA
 0004:000000c8 000003b0H .idata$4                DATA
 0004:00000478 000003b0H .idata$5                DATA
 0004:00000828 0000081aH .idata$6                DATA
 0004:00001050 00000b58H .bss                    DATA
 0005:00000000 0003e278H .rsrc                   DATA
 0006:00000000 000003c8H .reloc                  DATA

  Address         Publics by Value              Rva+Base             Lib:Object

 0001:00000000       ClearMem                   0000000140001000 f   ClearMem.obj
 0001:00000041       CompareQSortProc           0000000140001041 f   ClearMem.obj
 0001:00003eb0       sph_keccak224_init         0000000140004eb0 f   Fns_Keccak.obj
 0001:00003ec0       sph_keccak224              0000000140004ec0 f   Fns_Keccak.obj
 0001:00003ed0       sph_keccak224_close        0000000140004ed0 f   Fns_Keccak.obj
 0001:00003ee0       sph_keccak224_addbits_and_close 0000000140004ee0 f   Fns_Keccak.obj
 0001:00003ef0       sph_keccak256_init         0000000140004ef0 f   Fns_Keccak.obj
 0001:00003f00       sph_keccak256              0000000140004f00 f   Fns_Keccak.obj
 0001:00003f10       sph_keccak256_close        0000000140004f10 f   Fns_Keccak.obj
 0001:00003f20       sph_keccak256_addbits_and_close 0000000140004f20 f   Fns_Keccak.obj
 0001:00003f30       sph_keccak384_init         0000000140004f30 f   Fns_Keccak.obj
 0001:00003f40       sph_keccak384              0000000140004f40 f   Fns_Keccak.obj
 0001:00003f50       sph_keccak384_close        0000000140004f50 f   Fns_Keccak.obj
 0001:00003f60       sph_keccak384_addbits_and_close 0000000140004f60 f   Fns_Keccak.obj
 0001:00003f70       sph_keccak512_init         0000000140004f70 f   Fns_Keccak.obj
 0001:00003f80       sph_keccak512              0000000140004f80 f   Fns_Keccak.obj
 0001:00003f90       sph_keccak512_close        0000000140004f90 f   Fns_Keccak.obj
 0001:00003fa0       sph_keccak512_addbits_and_close 0000000140004fa0 f   Fns_Keccak.obj
 0001:00003fb0       Dec2Hex                    0000000140004fb0 f   Images.obj
 0001:00004040       Sph_Keccak_256             0000000140005040 f   Images.obj
 0001:000040a0       ImageResize                00000001400050a0 f   Images.obj
 0001:00004130       GetBitsFromBitmapHandle    0000000140005130 f   Images.obj
 0001:00004260       ImageGetBitmap             0000000140005260 f   Images.obj
 0001:00004540       ImageGetThumbNails         0000000140005540 f   Images.obj
 0001:00004980       LoadImageFromFile          0000000140005980 f   Images.obj
 0001:00004c50       LoadImageFromFileEx        0000000140005c50 f   Images.obj
 0001:000050c0       GetBitsOfBitmap            00000001400060c0 f   Images.obj
 0001:000053d0       PaintChannel               00000001400063d0 f   Images.obj
 0001:00005780       Error                      0000000140006780 f   ImgView.obj
 0001:000057b0       Delete_Error               00000001400067b0 f   ImgView.obj
 0001:000057f0       Delete_Warning             00000001400067f0 f   ImgView.obj
 0001:00005830       MyBrowseCallbackProc       0000000140006830 f   ImgView.obj
 0001:00005870       BrowseForFolder            0000000140006870 f   ImgView.obj
 0001:00005930       Profile_Read               0000000140006930 f   ImgView.obj
 0001:00005c20       Profile_Write              0000000140006c20 f   ImgView.obj
 0001:00006030       WmSize                     0000000140007030 f   ImgView.obj
 0001:000061f0       DeleteFiles_Common         00000001400071f0 f   ImgView.obj
 0001:00006500       DeleteFiles                0000000140007500 f   ImgView.obj
 0001:000069a0       CreateTheToolBar           00000001400079a0 f   ImgView.obj
 0001:00006b00       WriteToDataBase            0000000140007b00 f   ImgView.obj
 0001:00006bd6       GetCurrentFileEx2          0000000140007bd6 f   ImgView.obj
 0001:00006dc9       GetCurrentFileEx           0000000140007dc9 f   ImgView.obj
 0001:00006f30       GetCurrentFile             0000000140007f30 f   ImgView.obj
 0001:00007140       SearchFiles                0000000140008140 f   ImgView.obj
 0001:00007880       DeleteDuplicatedFiles      0000000140008880 f   ImgView.obj
 0001:00007ab0       DlgSortProc                0000000140008ab0 f   ImgView.obj
 0001:000081f0       SortImages                 00000001400091f0 f   ImgView.obj
 0001:00008730       PaintFullScreen            0000000140009730 f   ImgView.obj
 0001:000087b0       FullScreenProc             00000001400097b0 f   ImgView.obj
 0001:00008890       LivstViewDoubleClick       0000000140009890 f   ImgView.obj
 0001:00008990       LivstViewDoubleClickEx     0000000140009990 f   ImgView.obj
 0001:00008a90       ListViewOneClick           0000000140009a90 f   ImgView.obj
 0001:00008b90       PhotoFiltre                0000000140009b90 f   ImgView.obj
 0001:00008d40       EditFile                   0000000140009d40 f   ImgView.obj
 0001:00008ee0       RedChannel                 0000000140009ee0 f   ImgView.obj
 0001:00008f80       GreenChannel               0000000140009f80 f   ImgView.obj
 0001:00009020       BlueChannel                000000014000a020 f   ImgView.obj
 0001:000090c0       ChannelRedProc             000000014000a0c0 f   ImgView.obj
 0001:000091b0       ShowChannelRed             000000014000a1b0 f   ImgView.obj
 0001:00009390       ChannelGreenProc           000000014000a390 f   ImgView.obj
 0001:00009480       ShowChannelGreen           000000014000a480 f   ImgView.obj
 0001:00009660       ChannelBlueProc            000000014000a660 f   ImgView.obj
 0001:00009750       ShowChannelBlue            000000014000a750 f   ImgView.obj
 0001:00009920       TabControlSubClassProc     000000014000a920 f   ImgView.obj
 0001:000099a0       WmCommand                  000000014000a9a0 f   ImgView.obj
 0001:00009bd0       WmCreate                   000000014000abd0 f   ImgView.obj
 0001:0000a030       WndProc                    000000014000b030 f   ImgView.obj
 0001:0000a3a0       WinMain                    000000014000b3a0 f   ImgView.obj
 0001:0000a620       Start                      000000014000b620 f   ImgView.obj

 entry point at        0001:0000a620

 Static symbols

 0001:000000d0       keccak_core                00000001400010d0 f   Fns_Keccak.obj
 0001:000039f0       keccak_close28             00000001400049f0 f   Fns_Keccak.obj
 0001:00003b20       keccak_close32             0000000140004b20 f   Fns_Keccak.obj
 0001:00003c50       keccak_close48             0000000140004c50 f   Fns_Keccak.obj
 0001:00003d80       keccak_close64             0000000140004d80 f   Fns_Keccak.obj
 0001:00000050       keccak_init                0000000140001050 f   Fns_Keccak.obj
Add-ins / Re: Line Counter Add-IN
« Last post by Grincheux on June 18, 2021, 03:37:18 pm »
File name:C:\Users\51966\Documents\Pelles C Projects\ImgView\Images.c
 Start Line:1, End Line:855
  Total Lines   : 855
  Empty Lines   : 185
  Lone {      : 79
  Lone }      : 77
  All {      : 79
  All }      : 79
  Comment Lines   : 18
  Code Lines   : 486
  Functions   : 10
90   Dec2Hex
127   Sph_Keccak_256
139   ImageResize
182   GetBitsFromBitmapHandle
227   ImageGetBitmap
315   ImageGetThumbNails
439   LoadImageFromFile
534   LoadImageFromFileEx
668   GetBitsOfBitmap
769   PaintChannel
File name:C:\Users\51966\Documents\Pelles C Projects\ImgView\ImgView.asm
 Start Line:1, End Line:5934
  Total Lines   : 5934
  Empty Lines   : 1022
  .Const       : 216
  .Data       : 31
  Lone Labels     : 174
  Comment Lines   : 682
  Code Lines   : 3800
  Functions   : 41
335   Error
351   Delete_Error
373   Delete_Warning
395   MyBrowseCallbackProc
415   BrowseForFolder
464   Profile_Read
609   Profile_Write
784   WmSize
904   DeleteFiles_Common
1137   DeleteFiles
1465   CreateTheToolBar
1547   WriteToDataBase
1602   GetCurrentFileEx2
1746   GetCurrentFileEx
1854   GetCurrentFile
2016   SearchFiles
2470   DeleteDuplicatedFiles
2606   DlgSortProc
3132   SortImages
3501   PaintFullScreen
3546   FullScreenProc
3622   LivstViewDoubleClick
3701   LivstViewDoubleClickEx
3783   ListViewOneClick
3839   PhotoFiltre
3966   EditFile
4093   RedChannel
4174   GreenChannel
4255   BlueChannel
4336   ChannelRedProc
4412   ShowChannelRed
4520   ChannelGreenProc
4596   ShowChannelGreen
4704   ChannelBlueProc
4780   ShowChannelBlue
4887   TabControlSubClassProc
4928   WmCommand
5092   WmCreate
5316   WndProc
5566   WinMain
5738   Start
File name:C:\Users\51966\Documents\Pelles C Projects\ImgView\
 Start Line:1, End Line:130
  Total Lines   : 130
  Empty Lines   : 34
  Comment Lines   : 1
335   Error
351   Delete_Error
373   Delete_Warning
395   MyBrowseCallbackProc
415   BrowseForFolder
464   Profile_Read
609   Profile_Write
784   WmSize
904   DeleteFiles_Common
1137   DeleteFiles
1465   CreateTheToolBar
1547   WriteToDataBase
1602   GetCurrentFileEx2
1746   GetCurrentFileEx
1854   GetCurrentFile
2016   SearchFiles
2470   DeleteDuplicatedFiles
2606   DlgSortProc
3132   SortImages
3501   PaintFullScreen
3546   FullScreenProc
3622   LivstViewDoubleClick
3701   LivstViewDoubleClickEx
3783   ListViewOneClick
3839   PhotoFiltre
3966   EditFile
4093   RedChannel
4174   GreenChannel
4255   BlueChannel
4336   ChannelRedProc
4412   ShowChannelRed
4520   ChannelGreenProc
4596   ShowChannelGreen
4704   ChannelBlueProc
4780   ShowChannelBlue
4887   TabControlSubClassProc
4928   WmCommand
5092   WmCreate
5316   WndProc
5566   WinMain
5738   Start

*Summary results*
  Total Lines   : 6919
  Empty Lines   : 1241
  Lone {      : 79
  Lone }      : 77
  All {      : 79
  All }      : 79
  .Data       : 31
  Lone Labels     : 174
  Comment Lines   : 701
  Code Lines   : 4286
  Functions   : 51

File name:C:\Users\51966\Documents\Pelles C Projects\ImgView\Images.c
Function [RedChannel] on line 83
Function [GreenChannel] on line 84
Function [BlueChannel] on line 85
Function [GetCurrentFile] on line 86
Function [GetCurrentFileEx] on line 87
  Calls under Procedure Dec2Hex
  Calls under Procedure Sph_Keccak_256
Function [Dec2Hex] on line 134
  Calls under Procedure ImageResize
  Calls under Procedure GetBitsFromBitmapHandle
  Calls under Procedure ImageGetBitmap
Function [ImageResize] on line 284
  Calls under Procedure ImageGetThumbNails
Function [ImageResize] on line 384
Function [GetBitsFromBitmapHandle] on line 402
Function [Sph_Keccak_256] on line 405
  Calls under Procedure LoadImageFromFile
Function [ImageResize] on line 494
  Calls under Procedure LoadImageFromFileEx
Function [ImageResize] on line 612
Function [Sph_Keccak_256] on line 616
  Calls under Procedure GetBitsOfBitmap
Function [ImageResize] on line 738
  Calls under Procedure PaintChannel
Function [GetBitsOfBitmap] on line 796
Function [ImageResize] on line 811
Function [RedChannel] on line 815
Function [GreenChannel] on line 816
Function [BlueChannel] on line 817

File name:C:\Users\51966\Documents\Pelles C Projects\ImgView\ImgView.asm
  Calls under Procedure Error
  Calls under Procedure Delete_Error
Function [Error] on line 351
  Calls under Procedure Delete_Warning
  Calls under Procedure MyBrowseCallbackProc
  Calls under Procedure BrowseForFolder
Function [MyBrowseCallbackProc] on line 430
  Calls under Procedure Profile_Read
  Calls under Procedure Profile_Write
  Calls under Procedure WmSize
  Calls under Procedure DeleteFiles_Common
Function [Delete_Error] on line 938
Function [Delete_Error] on line 960
Function [Delete_Error] on line 974
Function [Delete_Error] on line 1012
Function [Delete_Error] on line 1040
Function [Delete_Error] on line 1059
Function [Delete_Error] on line 1092
  Calls under Procedure DeleteFiles
Function [DeleteFiles] on line 1229
Function [DeleteFiles] on line 1362
Function [Delete_Warning] on line 1413
Function [Delete_Warning] on line 1426
Function [Delete_Warning] on line 1439
Function [Delete_Error] on line 1446
Function [Delete_Error] on line 1453
  Calls under Procedure CreateTheToolBar
  Calls under Procedure WriteToDataBase
  Calls under Procedure GetCurrentFileEx2
Function [Error] on line 1668
Function [Error] on line 1681
  Calls under Procedure GetCurrentFileEx
Function [Error] on line 1794
Function [Error] on line 1807
Function [Error] on line 1841
  Calls under Procedure GetCurrentFile
Function [Error] on line 1957
Function [Error] on line 1970
Function [Error] on line 2004
  Calls under Procedure SearchFiles
Function [Error] on line 2107
Function [ImageGetThumbNails] on line 2340
Function [WriteToDataBase] on line 2370
  Calls under Procedure DeleteDuplicatedFiles
Function [Error] on line 2517
Function [Error] on line 2585
  Calls under Procedure DlgSortProc
  Calls under Procedure SortImages
Function [Error] on line 3399
Function [Error] on line 3421
  Calls under Procedure PaintFullScreen
Function [GetCurrentFileEx] on line 3521
Function [ImageGetBitmap] on line 3529
  Calls under Procedure FullScreenProc
Function [PaintFullScreen] on line 3581
  Calls under Procedure LivstViewDoubleClick
  Calls under Procedure LivstViewDoubleClickEx
Function [GetCurrentFile] on line 3706
  Calls under Procedure ListViewOneClick
Function [GetCurrentFileEx2] on line 3790
  Calls under Procedure PhotoFiltre
Function [Error] on line 3889
Function [Error] on line 3903
  Calls under Procedure EditFile
Function [PhotoFiltre] on line 4032
Function [PhotoFiltre] on line 4080
  Calls under Procedure RedChannel
  Calls under Procedure GreenChannel
  Calls under Procedure BlueChannel
  Calls under Procedure ChannelRedProc
Function [PaintChannel] on line 4371
  Calls under Procedure ShowChannelRed
Function [GetCurrentFile] on line 4420
Function [WmSize] on line 4509
  Calls under Procedure ChannelGreenProc
Function [PaintChannel] on line 4555
  Calls under Procedure ShowChannelGreen
Function [GetCurrentFile] on line 4604
Function [WmSize] on line 4693
  Calls under Procedure ChannelBlueProc
Function [PaintChannel] on line 4739
  Calls under Procedure ShowChannelBlue
Function [GetCurrentFile] on line 4788
Function [WmSize] on line 4876
  Calls under Procedure TabControlSubClassProc
  Calls under Procedure WmCommand
Function [LivstViewDoubleClickEx] on line 4992
Function [ShowChannelRed] on line 4998
Function [ShowChannelGreen] on line 5004
Function [ShowChannelBlue] on line 5010
Function [EditFile] on line 5016
Function [BrowseForFolder] on line 5020
Function [SortImages] on line 5046
Function [DeleteFiles] on line 5052
Function [DeleteDuplicatedFiles] on line 5058
  Calls under Procedure WmCreate
Function [CreateTheToolBar] on line 5122
  Calls under Procedure WndProc
Function [LivstViewDoubleClick] on line 5460
Function [ListViewOneClick] on line 5471
Function [WmSize] on line 5526
Function [WmCommand] on line 5532
Function [WmCreate] on line 5538
  Calls under Procedure WinMain
  Calls under Procedure Start
Function [Profile_Read] on line 5823
Function [Error] on line 5857
Function [Error] on line 5871
Function [WinMain] on line 5892
Function [Profile_Write] on line 5894

File name:C:\Users\51966\Documents\Pelles C Projects\ImgView\
----- done -----
LineCount Results in file:
C:\Users\51966\Documents\Pelles C Projects\ImgView\LC_output.html

Beginner questions / Re: Newbie need help
« Last post by John Z on June 18, 2021, 02:18:50 pm »
:) :) :)
I would have said use windows search for "Voice Recorder" and use that  ;D

John Z
Assembly discussions / Re: NM_DBLCLK with Tab Control
« Last post by John Z on June 18, 2021, 02:15:44 pm »
It is amazing to me that the Micro$oft documentation for the TAB control all indicates that NM_RDBLCLK, and NM_DBLCLK should be available but as everyone has pointed out it is not true.  I never tried using the TAB control until now.  If I every need it in a project, with dbl clicking, I'll be back to this thread.  :)

John Z
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