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Some bugs in bulk.
« on: August 09, 2006, 02:12:19 pm »
Hello Pelle,

I have done some tests with Pelles C and here are what I have found:

1. Problem with undo
- Create or open a project
- Open one file of this project, modify it (an mark appear near the filename)
- Now, compile your file (if Pelles C ask for saving file, click Yes)
=> The previous mark has disappeared (normal)

Now, undo the last modification => the mark appears again
Undo all your modifications (as if you would like to restore your file before any changes) => The mark has disappeared
Now, if you close the file, Pelles C does not ask for saving the file.
If you open it again, it has been saved automatically

2. Cannot rename a dialog box
- Create a new dialog based project
- Open the RC file and try to rename the DLG_MAIN dialog box
- Right clic on the name and select Properties
- Change DLG_MAIN to DLG_MAIN2 and clic OK
=> You have two warning messages:
- The ID number 1001 is already used by another symbol.
- The resource name 'DLG_MAIN2' is invalid.
  Use #<resource id>, "<resource name>" or <symbol name>

What's wrong?
What is the way to rename a Dialog box?

3. Clean up the associated .h file from .rc file
- I would like to know if there is a way to clean up the main.h file associated to main.rc otherwise than manually?
- Create a new dialog based project
- Add some controls on the dialog and modify their names
- Save your modifications and have a look to main.h file => you can see the new #define ... for new controls
- Now, delete new controls from dialog and save your modification => the main.h is not updated (#define ... are always there)

Is it normal?

4. Small bug when modifying the name or properties of controls in resources editor
- Create a new dialog based project
- Add two or three control (like buttons)
- Clic on a button a give it name (do not validate with Enter key)
- Now, clic on another button => the name you have just entered is assign to the button you have just clicked and not the previous one

It happens the same thing with other controls properties  (Left, Height, ...)

5. Resource editor does not save changes
- Create a new dialog based project
- Add a new control (do not give it a name)
- Close the RC file => Pelles C ask for saving changes
- Open again the rc file and now give a name to the new control
- Press enter to validate the name
- Close the rc file => Pelles C does not ask for save changes
- Open again the rc file => You have lost your modification

6. IDE crash when opening two different project with same filename inside (but with different content)
- Create a new dialog based project named Test
- Open the rc file and add one or two new buttons
- Save you modification, close all opened files and close Pelles C

Do the same thing with a new project named Test2

- Now, open the project Test, open the file main.rc and open the dialog in resource editor
- Without closing Pelles C, open now the project Test2 => main.rc:DLG_MAIN (Dialog) file stay open from previous project (with the dialog box of the previous project)
- Open the rc file from the new opened project and clic on the previous tab => Pelles C crash

I hope you could fix some of these bugs in the next release (or beta)

If you want me to test specific functionality, please let me know.

Thanks and have a nice day.